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Sir Patrick Stewart as a role model? My childhood dreams

Dear reader,

Today I'm going to share with you my childhood dreams and aspirations for being an adult. Back in the day, when I was just a little kiddo and there was no internet or facebook, the only way to let your fantasies out was to daydream. There was a TV too- during the 90's there were countless shows based on fantastic premises. Just to name few, we were growing up watching Hercules, Xena, Babylon 5, Red Dwarf... All those series' classics that are now considered to be a ground for contemporary sci-fi entertainment.

But there was one show I really adored and could watch every day- it was Star Trek. You know, the one with Sir Patrick Stewart in it as captain Picard. I loved absolutely everything about it and often fantasized to be in that world, aboard a starship, going where no man has ever gone before. Now that I'm looking back to all those years, I understand why I was so caught up in the whole idea of that future.

I had someone to look up to in this fantastic world of main.

While other kids picked their role models according to totally different set of criteria- Hercules and Xena for being strong, singers for being "in", their mom and dad and others, I was stuck with captain Picard. At that time I didn't really care who plays that guy in a red starfleet suit. I simply thought there is captain Picard somewhere out there- perhaps a military commander, asked to play a role in Star Trek.

I absolutely adored everything about his character. He was, even under the deadliest threat, ready to solve any problem he encountered with his charm and a coup of earl grey, hot. Yet, he never hesitated to provide a friendly advice for his crew, or a helping hand to those who accepted it. He represented everything whole Star Trek stood for, at least for a child's imagination. This was a promise that one day, humanity will be able to travel to stars and back. And not only that, captain Picard represented an ideal- a future man, who's able to look beyond his ego and substitutes confrontation with a friendship.

After this experience it was no surprise I dreamt about this ideal world. When my parents asked me what I want to be when I grow up, I replied with simple "I want to be a captain".

"A captain of what, honey?" On which I replied: "Of a starship, of course!"

"But honey, you can't be a captain of a starship, you have to build one first."

That's how my childhood dream came to life- to build a starship, similar to Enterprise in Star Trek and become its captain! I wanted to go where no man has gone before, to that last frontier of a man- Universe. I even got my grandpa promised that he would help me building it. I had it all planned out- as far as a child's imagination could go. There were 2 facts I knew about the universe back then:

1. There is no air

2. There is no food

I resolved the first problem quite easily. For every member of a crew aboard, there would be one tree planted, providing enough air, together providing enough air for an infinite amount of time. In my plans, there was a whole deck with that purpose- with all kinds of trees, plants and vegetables. And that was also my solution to a second problem- all those plants and trees should provide not only the air, but also enough food to feed everybody. I knew there were no replicators in the world, but I was still surprised- how come no one has ever thought about this before? Why are  there no starships yet, when a solution to 2 most basic questions is so simple!

Picture taken from Flickr.com, by Jane Dickson under Creative Commons licence 2.0

As I grew up, I slowly realised that there are more issues to be resolved and that most likely, I'll never be a captain of a starship. Goodbye captain Picard! I also had many opportunities to learn more about my favourite captain and actor behind this role. I learned that I don't have to be the captain of a starship to favour friendliness above conflict; I don't have to roam among stars to explore new things and push my frontiers. That's how Sir Patrick Stewart trully became my role model- I learnt about his childhood and why his role in Star Trek was so important to him. I learnt about his activities to promote awareness for victims of violence. I learnt that an actor performing as my most adored captain, is the closest human being to this character I know in this world.

Sir Patrick Stewart, thank you for shaping my dreams and hopes from an early childhood!

Picture taken from Flickr.com, byDavid Shankbone under Creative Commons licence 2.0

*Don't forget to share your childhood's role models in comments down below!
*What was your big childhood dream?
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