Monday, 30 May 2016

I identify as an Attack Helicopter!

Dear readers,

I'm writing today's post as a response to one particular 9gag entry that pretty much sums up how many people feel about the novelty of gender and sex and everything around this topic.

Here's the post

The post is titled "If I had a dollar for every gender that's real", with a picture of 2 one dollar bills. Like this:

Of course, that implies there are only 2 genders and there is nothing in between "man and woman". Either you are a man, or a woman. There is no room for anything else. But this concept also implies, though indirectly, that there are just 2 possibilities- either a manly man, or a girly girl. And that's when things get confusing and people get confused as well.

That's why we came up with terms "gender" and "sex"

You know, so people could be something else than overly manly man, or overly girly girls. Sex indeed contains just those 2 one dollar bills (excluding rare cases), but gender is a concept much more complicated than that. Let me break it down for you- if sex is represented by 2 bills, gender would have to be portrayed as just one bill. Something like this:

Now, to be more specific, there are still 2 sides of the bill- left and right, male and female. Those are absolute opposites and everything that is in between those 2 counts as a valid gender identity. It doesn't matter if you are a prototype of a perfect, masculine man with an axe on his shoulder and that sweaty odour or a girl who likes to wear pink and loves wearing flowers in her hair. It's all fine. Really, it's cool. Because you are still on the spectrum of that one dollar bill.

Special snowflakes

Of course, images used here are just for an illustration and there are no limits whatsoever for combinations of identities. This includes transgender people, gender-fluid or whatever else identities people feel comfortable with, on a spectrum of gender. Problems arise only after a few "special snowflakes" decide to come up with their "trans" identities. I can pretty much give you an example of those and I hope nobody's going to kill me for it in my sleep.

52 years old man identifies as a 6 years old girl

These news are not so "new", but serve as a good example here. This man knows he's 52, but he decided to live his life as a 6 year old, forcing his family and his 7 children to abandon him (yes, forcing, you can't be a father and a 6 year old at the same time).

Now, under the name of Stefonknee, she decided to live her life with her new family as a child. That's brilliant. At least if you think about all the publicity and fame she's getting. You can check the video if you like, before moving to our next special snowflake.

Woman identifies as a cat

Why should you stop at being transgender, when you can be....wait-for-it... TRANS fucking SPECIES. She meows, <s>uses litter box, eats cat food, fights with other cats </s>... Wait, she doesn't? How convenient! Here's a link if you want to know more.

Why you can't be an attack helicopter, cat, dragon or an adult-6 year old?

While transgender people are getting more and more acceptance worldwide, these special snowflakes are a part of the reason why some choose to be ignorant. Do I blame them? Of course not! Take for example my folks- in this god forsaken country the only time they heard about transgender person was on the national news. The report was about Stefonknee (who else), our transgender woman who identifies as a 6 year old girl.

They laughed. And then they laughed even more, with a notion of slight disgust as they banished all transgender people to hell, where all wicked like Stefonknee belong. That's probably because they never got any chance to know any transgender person before (half a year ago). They were, simply put, in front of a ridiculous situation. The reaction was appropriate.

Now I finally understand why people mock transgender folks and joke about their identity being an attack helicopter or a tree or whatever. Thanks to our special snowflakes, of course! Don't get me wrong, people who choose to be close minded are still ignorant, but what do we expect from them, if their first contact with our transgender world is through people who only seek attention?

Transgender woman identifies as a dragon

These people are not a part of transgender agenda, at least not for their motivation to become something completely different. Being a fantasy creature is just mental. Yes, there. I said it! Am I a biggot now?

If you take away gender identity from all transgender people, they are just...people! If you take gender identity from all normal people, guess what- people, again! In other words, whatevee our identity, it's still on the scale. If you take away shifting gender identities of people I mentioned, you end up with 52 year old human who thinks he is a 6 year old, a cat and a dragon. At this point it doesn't really matter if it's a male or a female identity. It's still fucking mental- much much more than any transgender human being is. I think these special snowflakes should be treatied for a mental disorder. To be more speciffic, not for transgender mental disorder, but for some other, much more severe dellusion. That's also a reason why you can't be a helicopter, a tree, a bomb...

On the other hand, news and media (and some people who want to be accepting) try to praise them for their courage and life style. Thank god I'm not one of those people!

So why should I care? Why do I even bother making this post? The reason is simple: I had a recent experience with someone asking me about one of those special snowflakes. "Are you one of those guys?" Is the person asking me ignorant? Yes. But in their defense, the only transgender example they ever encountered was a twisted picture of a reality on the news. That means I'm automatically tossed into the same drawer with cats, dragons and others.

In the meantime, nobody cares about people who are shinning examples of what being transgender really means.

Transgender. What does it mean?

That's why in this case I can't be the one who "Lives and lets live". I'm sorry.

Not really.   
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