Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Dogs at the wheel? No problem in the UK

Can dogs drive? I honestly don't know. According to some videos out there they do. Of course, these are just some funny videos but imagine seeing something like that in person, in the middle of the day and traffic just outside of your house! Impossible? Not at all!

I almost died of a heart attack seeing a dog on the side of a driver, in a moving car. But let me explain first. It was a rainy day. At that time I was a fresh stud in the UK, who just moved to his first student housing. I thought I'm prepared for everything (or almost everything) that this wonderful country can throw at me. That's why we spent so much time preparing for a "cultural shock" from visiting english speaking country at school. I thought I know everything there is to know about english traditions, habits and style of living. Nothing could throw me off. Right?

On the second day after my arrival I had to go shopping. Nothing extraordinary, Lidl (the brand on our domestic market as well) was just around the corner, so I put a smile on my face and a bag in my hand and went on a short trip. I felt really confident and happy because I was doing so well adulting and settling in. I felt proud as I paid for the stuff. Everything went well and I was walking back home.

There was just one more crossing in front of me before my destination when suddenly- there was a dog in a moving car, right in front of me, right where a driver was supposed to be! For solid 5 seconds or maybe even more, I thought I'm getting mad. Is this real?

The dog looked relaxed and had this serious face, like a driver that's pissed off at someone who is blocking the road. Someone like me. Finally, I gathered all my courage and bits of common sense and I looked slightly to the left. And guess what I saw- a human, on a passenger seat!

Teachers can tell you there are countries driving in the left line. They can teach you how to avoid a cultural shock. But at that moment, I was truly amazed and shocked by this dog's ability to drive. Of course, people in the UK drive on the other side. There was a driver- and it was some older lady laughing at me for staying in the middle of the road. That's how I knew I wasn't the first foreigner she experienced. Honestly, she laughed and then laughed even more. And before she got away, she waved at me, still laughing at my stupidity. I probably made her day :D
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