Thursday, 28 April 2016

Soldier`s story #3

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     We arrived on 1st of August in the morning. We were divided into field hundredths right after. We got what we still missed to be combat ready and on the 2nd of August we got on 32 heavy trucks, which roamed with us through Bosnia`s mountains and meadows with an exceptional speed right to Vishegrad. That`s a city right next to Serbia borderline. At this moment I have to remind how they greeted us in Bosnia. Right at the first stop we saw a lot of folk and shouting "Vivat King, Serbia down, vivat Rata (war). Bakery, tobacco, flowers, trunjalicca (spiritus), they tossed at us until train cars were full. Because there was not enough space in those cars, we were seated in open cars. Those were used for coal and wood transportation. It was easy for people to aim into those. That`s how we were walked out.

     Once we were near Serbia borderline, we were given a free day to relax. On the second day we were to patrol the borderline, so the enemy wouldn`t get into our region. We were told to strictly control every passing civilian as well. So the day in service was always followed by a free day.  This is how it went until the 15th  of August. On the 15th of August, we were still in a service, but on the early morning, Serbian artillery came to greet us with a good morning. At that time I wasn`t at my station. I slept sweetily and they cut my dreams. But I can`t forget to remind that my lair wasn`t used to be as it was back at home. It looked totally different.

     I had haversack under my head instead of a pillow. My back was supported by rubble and rhinestones instead of a straw matrace, my rifle covering me.

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