Monday, 18 April 2016

Soldier`s story #2

(You can find part 1 here)

     So days went on with all those rumours about war coming for sure. Finally, the day came- 26th of July 1914, when town`s reeve paid me a visit with a piece of paper in his hands and these words:

"Here goes your invite to the war, but you`re not going alone. There are three of you."

I was curious who other 2 were, so he gave me some other paper, which stated:

1. Stantenpohl Alois
2. Jakubička Rudolf

     It wasn`t a pleasant moment, but I was glad the second one comes with me, since we were good friends and brethren from when we were little kids. The invite stated that we were supposed to report at our regiment during next 48 hours. Of course, the military discipline couldn`t be taken lightly, so we took what was the most neccessary and it was on 27th of July when we had to say a sorrowful, trully rueful goodbyes. After this hard lament, we went to the railway station. A train took us as far as to Nové Zámky, where we get off and waited till the evening. There we met more friends, some of them already too friendly and jolly, since there were many broken bottles scattered around. They greeted us with these words: "Iljen a káboru", which meant "Long live the war". It goes without saying that we also shared some of that joyfull mood. But another train came, taking us to Komárno.

     We reported on 28th of July at 10 o`clock. We were given everything a good soldier needs and at night, 12 o`clock we took an oath while a military band played for us somberly- "zum gebet" (a military pray). After that a gruesome preparations for a journey to battlefield took place. I was very sad that my friend didn`t go with me, since he stayed for a short while in Komárno. On 29th of July, at 2 in the morning a military band played merrily "marsch". Most of us in a joyful mood and praising the king and the homeland, we marched on to the railway station.

     At 3 we got on a train that took us swiftly to Bosnia. In Bosnia Brod we changed trains for a narrower, Bosnia railway. The train went forward, quickly through Bosnia to Sarajevo, where we were greeted by the 4th banner of 12th infantry regiment. It was a banner- so called Batallion. It was the Batallion in which I served for 38 months before.

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