Wednesday, 6 April 2016

10 phases every blogger went through

     I haven`t been blogging for a past couple of months. For better or worse, this gave me an opportunity to think about why I blog and also, I had time to think about all of my "blogging" mood swings. I call them "phases". And I wonder; does any of you out there, fellow bloggers experience these the same way as I do?


1. My post will definitely go viral tomorrow, c`moon!

     Wow! I got 200 people reading my post in first 5 minutes. That`s like 50 000 tomorrow, right? (wakes up in the morning to check blog post` stats- 400 people). WHAT THE HELL? Where is my place under the sun? Seriously, sometimes watching those numbers grow is like betting on a horse race. It`s an experience worth of all the adrenaline.

2. Nobody`s reading this pile of crap, why do I even bother?

     Sunday morning. You hit *publish*. Then proceed to promote on social media. And the result? 20 unique viewers. Oh my god, what happened? Does noone care about me anymore? Is my writing really so boring? What am I doing with my life?

3. I don`t care if it`s been a month since I posted anything. I just can`t do it right now (insert reason)

     If you don`t blog for some time, it`s likely you will only stall for more time. Whatever the excuse. Just get your fingers out there and write. A short post about something funny is sometimes enough. One excuse often replaces another and before you know it, you are days and days behind the schedule.

4. I`m a star! All the people out there are talking about my posts and me!

     We all have those few posts that do extremely well and we all know how it feels to compare your next, less successful posts to those champions. However, for a few moments we feel like stars; we really reached our best and we can only go up. It feels so good, doesn`t it? :)
     Those successful posts are always there to show us the right path towards more audience. Signs, what people value in our writing and creative work.

5. I don`t like how my blog looks like. It`s time for a change! (3rd in a week)

     I still remember when this phase occured with this blog. Those were my early days, when I didn`t really know what words like SEO or unique visitors meant. My blog was so slow! And there were constant changes. Every day something new. Or old. Now I know that the content is more important than the visual, at least most of the time. Gosh, am I a quick study! Sometimes settling for less and focusing on more quality is a head start to success.

6. If you see my muse, catch her, `cause I`m running on fumes

     Feeling like you have nothing more to blog about and everything has been already said? Welcome to the club! (at least for a while). There are thousands and thousands of topics waiting to be discovered by you so you can put them into unique perspective. Right now, however, you don`t have any idea how to write anything new. Sometimes all we need is a little creative push.

7. I have so much to say! (proceeds to write 3 posts simultaneosly)

     This is my other extreme. So many fresh, new topics! And so little time! Let`s do them all together right this instance, before they get boring again. If you are in this phase, chances are you`re writing more posts at the same time. But I can guarantee- either their quality or depth will suffer from this "creative outburst". What I find really helpful is to write a short draft of what a post should be about and then let it rest for some time.

8. If this goes on for a whole year, I`m going to be rich! (starting a dream sequence of my life with million dollars)

     Numbers are climbing, people comment and read your posts. Everyday you meet a new face somewhere on the internet. It`s time to take out calculator and count precisely when you hit a treshold for viable income from your blogging activities. But the road to success is never straightforward and that drink on the beach somewhere in Florida will have to wait until you know what a real hard work looks like. Everything is possible if you put your heart and talent into it!

9. Who are all those people sending me invites which are not in English? 

     What the hell is Yazini Parlais and why should I care? Am I being followed by that Japanese guy I declined a friendship with on facebook? What`s going on? Better play it safe (but seriously, some of them are just plain weird).

10. I definitely can go with 3 posts a day, promotion on social media and work at my full time job.

     It takes me exactly one hour to come up with a post. Another hour or two to promote it on social media and an hour to comment on other people`s blogs. That`s 4 hours. Multiply that by 3 and it`s 12. So there are still 8 hours for my full-time job and 4 hours of sleep. Let`s do this! I`m going to be the best! Then, after 1 day of sticking up to the plan, I decide to give up. Sometimes the more doesn`t mean the merrier. I wish I knew before. Now I`m just tired and want a break. Let the phase No. 3 begin.

* What would you add to this list? What are your blogging phases?
* Have you ever encountered someone weird stalking you because of your blog posts?
* What`s your remedy for these "phases"?
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