Friday, 13 November 2015

Our little whisperer

     Some of us believe that people can change. Some of us believe people are still the same. I think that people can change, but only when life makes them do it. Life is a chaos. It is constantly changing our points of view, our perception of reality and ourselves. But we are looking for stability. For that state of well-being, for a life that would make us happy. Or at least happy-ish.

People resist changes

     We are made social. The nature is telling us all our lives to settle down and have families. It`s important to have our lives established in a society. So why would we want to change anything, if it`s good enough? Why would we need to change ourselves, if we are well enough? People resist changes, because changes lead to uncertainty. No ordinary man and woman would welcome the uncertainty of change, if they consider themselves happy. On the other hand, when we are no longer satisfied with one aspect in our lives, we feel we need a change.

When do people change?

     Change in our lives doesn`t mean a change in ourselves, although it implies it. I can change environment and circumstances of my life- but the question is, will I be able to change myself as well? Here`s an example from my experience: Before I went to Brussels, I had a part-time job. I had some money. I had some free time, which I spent doing nothing. Evenings belonged to the same old routine- going to the bar, for a few pints and having fun with friends. I was satisfied. But something pushed me to change this routine.

Little whisperer

     There is a little thing called aspirations and dreams in every one of us. If these aspirations and dreams, which are a natural part of our character are not aligned with reality, we try to change our lives. We try to change our social environment. Our rank. Our situation. So that we can have happier experience living this life. To lead a life full of success, to have a sense of fruitful and meaningful survival on this planet, that is something acievable. These thoughts are constantly crawling inside our heads. It`s our little whisperer that tells us what to do next. That little piece of our mind we often neglect, which is always in a state of unrest.

True change

     We are constantly changing our lives. Even if it`s just a feng-shuei furniture kind of thingy, we expect change to bring something new to our experience. But at the same time, we are looking for the sense of stability. We are searching for the ultimate happiness in our lives, which will never change. So somewhere deep inside, people actually contradict themselves. People are constantly challenged with a longing for happiness and their quest for something better. By creating new circumstances in our lives, we push ourselves to change too. Change is the only constant in our lives. Let me rephrase that: The only thing that is certain, is change. Because life doesn`t always come with lemons for our lemonade. And because we, from time to time, listen to our little whisperers and ask ourselves: What if I can be happier?

About Sidney Aldaine

My name is Sidney Aldaine. And this is the start of my ultimate project, my Fantasma. My way of helping people to make them feel better. My way of contributing something of a value to the world we all live in. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my little corner of the web. Place, where I left a piece of my soul and dreams. A Fantastic place. I would love to call myself a blogger and a writer some day. And I`m not going to give up this dream, at least not until my Fantasma comes into reality.

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