Saturday, 14 November 2015

Opposite sex day

     I just woke up. It`s monday morning. The kind with rain and strong wind that makes everything alive want to hug their beds and not let go. But, as any other monday, some people have to go to work. Some people like me, for instance.
     So I try to sit on the bed and I realised my eyes are glued together. You know, with that gluey stuff your eyes make when you sleep. "Nevermind, just get to the bathroom", I thought for myself.
     As I leaned over the sink and rubbed my eyes, I didn`t really take a look into the mirror. I`m late already and still have to dress up and went through the city. "I`ll just take something formal today. These things laying on the chair are just fine and fresh looking so take those, Sid." I instructed myself as if I had to plan my every move. "Well, that`s it. Take your bag and run!" That was my last order. After that I ran out of the appartment and decided to use the least time-consuming route there is: Metro. "Thanks to you I can still make it on time," I begged wishfully.
     So there I am, on the metro, looking bored as everybody else. Just hanging from the strap like a spider from the web, yawning like a hungry bison at bystanders. Gosh, how I hate mondays! At this point I realised I didn`t really take a look at myself in the mirror this morning. Well, maybe there`s going to be a good reflection from metro doors, right?. So I take a quick look at the person opposite to me, in the reflection. "Yea, that`s me. come I`m a girl now?" I said out loud. At that moment, I knew something happened. I had to check again. My fingers are touching me. I can feel it. What about my opposite reflection? She touches her face too! Is this possible? I try to laugh but a car I`m in starts to brake with an awful, ringy sound.
     Hey, wait! That`s my alarm clock! And this is just a dream. Another monday reality starts and I rush to the mirror. Nothing. Just one pair of confused eyes and messy face. "Yea,that`s me alright. These monday dreams are unbelievable." I grinch to myself in a short, hoarsed laugh.

About Sidney Aldaine

My name is Sidney Aldaine. And this is the start of my ultimate project, my Fantasma. My way of helping people to make them feel better. My way of contributing something of a value to the world we all live in. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my little corner of the web. Place, where I left a piece of my soul and dreams. A Fantastic place. I would love to call myself a blogger and a writer some day. And I`m not going to give up this dream, at least not until my Fantasma comes into reality.

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