Saturday, 7 November 2015


     It`s that time of the year again. We are slowly swifting towards Christmas and some people already can`t wait for all the festivities to start. Especially malls, right? But it`s the season when people feel particularly cheerful and helpful. The true message is of course this mood should be a standard throughout the year, not just on Christmas and advent.
     And here I`m talking about the end of december at the beginning of november. Yes, I`m one of those monsters, I guess :D

If you want to help...

     We talk about it. We admire those people who help others. I`m sure there are going to be at least 5 commercials about starving children in Africa. And that`s really convenient, because all we have to do is send some small money somewhere to the other side of the world.
     But we often forget we could be kind and nice to people around us. And it`s really not that hard. Just look around you, people. All it takes is to visit that old lone neighbour from time to time. My favourite way of being helpful (throughout the year) is to donate blood.
     If you are not on pills or anemic, you can do it too. In the country I come from it`s for free, but I heard there is always some little money with it. At least to cover travel costs, which is nice.

It`s reciprocal

     I believe every action of men and women is conditioned by the expectation of something in return. Even if it`s just a good feeling you have after random act of kindness, it`s all about reciprocity. So here are few reasons why I like to donate blood:

  • Feeling that somebody is alive out there thanks to the part of me /my ego is growing
  • You look nicer if you mention you donate blood /it really helps with strangers
  • After donation, you are excused from work for a day /ideal if you want a day for yourself
  • Get your blood screened for free/ in general, I don`t have to worry if I`m healthy

     So if you`re doing something for somebody, most of the time you get something from it too. Which is wonderful, really. It`s a motivation to do even more helpful things. The point here is that if you want to help, you should do that to people Where you can see results. And this might motivate you to help even more people. And of course, you will motivate those people. What an amazing world!

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Do you like to help others?

Have you ever donated your blood? Why?/Why not?

Share a story where you helped somebody and could see results.

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