Sunday, 1 November 2015

Anybody else got a feeling that new inventions are just too fantastic?

     I recently stumbled upon a Wikipedia webpage called "2015 in science". It maps all the discoveries and inventions of mankind. And some of them are just...too fantasic. For example, check this one out:

  • "As part of the Open Worm Project, scientists have mapped the brain of a roundworm (C. Elegans), created software to mimic its nervous system and uploaded it to a lego robot, which seeks food and avoids obstacles." [article]

     Really, this one happened. And there are already notions to try it on people. Personally, I give it 50 years and then, then... It`s just like from a sci-fi movie. Just too fantastic to be real. Well, I guess we live in a period of time where reality and fantasma mix together. I`m just no sure if it`s for good or for worse. Truth to be told, it`s kind of scary too. Map a brain and copy paste it into a machine? No, not that Johnny Depp movie about articifial inteligence and dying inventor.


     But here`s some more:

  • "Researchers at the University of Bristol create a tractor beam using "holograms" made of sound waves, able to move small objects from up to 40 cm away." [article]

     And this one is pretty cool. Remember Star Trek? No? Nevermind then. Just know that they used something similar there. And now it`s kind of real, at least in a principle. So this one is definitely for better, not for worse. The only thing left to do is for Patrick Stewart (he`s awesome and a dean of University of Huddersfield, yay!) give a command to engage, right?


     And then, when you think this is all too far-fetched, there are studies like this one, giving hope to all the people around the world:

  • "By the year 2050, almost nobody under the age of 80 will die of cancer, according to a study by University College London." [article]

     But to be fair, all this progress is partially allowed only because of contemporary society. Society that still has its unsolved problems and lives on the open check for the future. It makes one think, if we ever will be able to overcome our natural tendencies towards greed and stop wasting everything:

  • "Humans are eroding soil a hundred times faster than natural processes, according to a new study." [article]

     The future is just too uncertain. There are amazing discoveries, yes, but on the other hand, there is a big distress and problems. It makes one think about the society in next 50 years, when all 90`s kids will be shaking their heads in a notion of disgust. And I will be one of them, probably.

What do you think of the future?
What`s the most likely scenario?
Apart from all the inventions, what changes will our society go through?

*DISCLAIMER: All materials used in this post are sourced properly. I used them to make a point of my thoughts. If anybody thinks I should take them down, leave a message and we can talk :)

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