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     I`m afraid of the feeling. I try to avoid it. But sometimes, every life starts to fall into pre-set lines. Sure, we try to avoid this everyday boredom, but more than anything, we won`t even notice and we are there. Vicious cycle. Boredom. Wasted time. Here`s a list of signs telling us our lives are falling into stereotype:

Constantly looking at clock

     If all those stares were counted together, it would be half a day of staring straight. Those clocks are sooo attractive, you just can`t stop staring every other minute. You are officialy addicted to clocks. That`s your life now. If clocks were men/women, you would date them for their irresistible outfit.

Every task takes forever to finish

     Ugh! You`ve been making this report for 5 straight minutes now. And it feels like ages! Then you probably decide to take a short break, because this stuff is just wearing you out. When will it end??

Mind wanders off to the wonderland

     If you work or do something manual, you might find yourself thinking about that time you went to the beach with your friends. Remember what Jamie said? That was kind of harsh and out of the blue. What does he probably do right now? You haven`t seen him in ages!

Ordinary tasks are irritating

     You don`t want to do this all over again today! You did it yesterday and you probably will tomorrow. Why? Can`t somebody else do it? You wish there was a little sprite and all the wildlife would help you finish what you started. Hey, when was the last time you saw that fairytale about bad witch and her daughter? (mind wanders off to the magical place)

Thinking about what you could do instead

     Instead of doing this job right here, right now, you could have been with girls on that trip. Or you could just have taken a walk to the park downtown. Anything but this!

Sense of killing time

     Is this really neccessary? What would happen, if you didn`t do this task and let it flow instead? It`s  total bullshit. It doesn`t mean anything to anyone. You are just killing those good years of your life you got left here.

Everything else is more interesting

     Look! There is a pencil on a desk. Hey, and it can fly too. You wonder who cleans this table while you`re gone. It looks sooo shiny and feels smooth. Very interesting. You will probably let table samples be analysed in some top-notch NCIS laboratory, just to know it`s secrets.

But the point is, everybody`s life is stereotypical in some ways. It`s about us finding the joy in what we do. And if we can`t, well, than it`s time to switch lines.

Is your life stereotypical? What do you do to avoid boredom everyday?

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