Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Why having nightmares is ultimately a good thing

     We all experience them. Nightmares. Sometimes we run, sometimes we fall. And sometimes we can`t move, or even wake up. If you often wake up scared like me, know that having nightmares can be ultimately a good thing! And here`s why:

  • Nightmares show us we are concerned about something so much, we can`t stop thinking about it even in our sleep. This helps prioritize one`s thinking
  • They can reflect a state of one`s mind and we can learn from them a lot. Every aspect of a bad dream can mean something. Then again, it can be a total horsecrap too. You decide
  • If we have nightmares because our consciousness can`t sleep, we know we are a good person deep down. Even if we screwed up tremendously
  • Unsolvable tasks during the day might transform into easy ones, once we notice them in a different light. No matter we just woke up from the nightmare if 5 minutes later a brilliant idea comes to the mind
Remember, positivity is not only a choice, but a state of mind as well! Stay Kawaii my friends :)

Are you a nightmare sufferer too?
What`s the scariest dream you had?
Do you think dreams can reflect reality?
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