Saturday, 31 October 2015

This is the end. Thank you, Blogtober!

This is my "thank you" note to all Blogtobrists who participated. For the last challenge, check this post.

     The last post of Blogtober. Finally!

...Wait. So soon? Nooo :(

     Blogtober gave me my first ever opportunity to join a community of Bloggers. For the first time in my month-old history of blogging (so loong, right?) I had the opportunity to learn from others. To be a part of organised activity.

     And that`s what I have to thank Alexandra Mucenieks for. Our dear organiser. Our blogtober host. General :D A baby shark in a sea of blogging, as C. A. Viletta remarked.
     Yes, C. A. tends to be like that. She can do to you all those things you never dreamt of before, since she`s a mastermind in sparking up one`s imagination. She is a Little Spark herself. Her project, Struggling to be a human being, is an exceptional example of what creative writing can do.
     Speaking about creative writing, Alicia Lewis comes to my mind right after. Not only does she write about healthy lifestyle, each post on her blog has a new, innovative recipe attached to it. So you trully feel like being rewarded for reading what she has to say. That`s the way how to motivate people to read Kitchen takeovers and express your work!
     When people say "express yourself", they mean being honest about your feelings and speak up.         There is no better place to show you an example, then Sophie`s voice. Sophie doesn`t really screw around. She speaks from her hearth and she has a special way with words. Once she grabs your attention, it`s hard to let go. Seriously. Maybe because if everybody would speek their minds like she does, people would not be deceived so often by the intentions of the others.
     The thing about life is that it`s best when scrapped off all deceptions and pretendings. Just then, life is like a clear water and every moment in it can be enjoyable. My Own Clarity is a blog just about that and even more; So if you want to know how to make your life like a pure water, ask Megan Goodsell!

     These ladies kept motivating me throughout the whole October and I have to say without them, it would be a lot harder. But there are others I`m thankful for and  would like to express my grattitude to at this place.

...And that`s it. The last official post of Blogtober is being carried away by the sound of popping champaigne and one big THANK YOU.


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My name is Sidney Aldaine. And this is the start of my ultimate project, my Fantasma. My way of helping people to make them feel better. My way of contributing something of a value to the world we all live in. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my little corner of the web. Place, where I left a piece of my soul and dreams. A Fantastic place. I would love to call myself a blogger and a writer some day. And I`m not going to give up this dream, at least not until my Fantasma comes into reality.

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