Saturday, 17 October 2015

Reflecting on the past; opportunity to learn or a wasted time?

     This post is a part of October challenge. This time we are supposed to come up with things we wished we had known 5 years ago. Still, reflecting on the past seems a bit silly, at least for me. Here`s why:

You can`t change your past

     So why dwell on it? Instead, look to the future with arms open and smile on a face. Life is an adventure and everything is a playground. Living is a play and everything is a stage for actors- ourselves.

Happy moments tend to fade out more often and embarrasing ones just keep coming back

     This is my reason number one why I want to move on from the past. I`m sure everybody had those moments in life; when you are just laying in the bed, contemplating about  past errors and how things could be different, if you chose wisely. Especially when I finally decide to go to sleep, I often find myself up in the middle of the night because of these memories. Gosh, brain, what are you doing?!

You are a different person now

     People move on. If you did something bad, you might not do the same now, given the opportunity. You are simply changed and that person doing all those mistakes is not you anymore. You are stronger than ever, wiser than ever, ready to face anything! Past would only drag you back. So don`t let it.

...But we still tend to keep coming back to our past selves. Why is that?

Past is a source of experience

     Past events give us an opportunity to learn from our mistakes. It helps shape our decisions.

"Person without past has no future"  

     Somebody wise once said this and I don`t remember who now. It doesn`t matter. The most important point here that a person who did not acknowledge their past can`t look into the future. Acknowledging gives us an option to put our past behind us and finally focus our attention on things in present. A sense of continuation is also very important for one`s personal progress.

To sum up, we all need past to some extent. Dwelling on it, however, doesn`t solve anything and leaves us unable and incapable.

Things I wish I`d known 5 years ago

  • How precious are all those moments with your family. Once gone, nothing can bring them back

  • Following your dreams is the most important thing. Screw what other people think about it!

  • If you want to change, change now. There is no better time as a present

  • The most important thing is always being able to look into the mirror on your reflection

  • Smile more, your life will be brighter and people kinder

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