Monday, 12 October 2015

Gay, Straight, Transgender...; Why we will (never) understand each other

     This post is inspired by Caitlyn Jenner`s remark on gay marriage. Who would have thought that transgender person is not supporting gay marriages. From all those social groups this is the one that should be supportive, right?

     Is it really possible to understand someone else? Do our fates meet and then part, or can they also collide? Is it possible to find your soulmate? We can push this thinking a level higher and ask: Is it really possible for one social group to understand another?

People have different experience-People are shaped by their experience = People are different

     And yet, there is a possibility for us to empathise with other people. What would it be like for me to have a family? What would it be like for me having an underpaid job and a family? What would it be like for me to be gay?

Wait...something`s not right there

     While we certainly can understand having responsibilities toward a family, or getting an underpaind job, if you belong to the  "straight team", you can`t really get into shoes of somebody who`s gay and imagine what it would be like. The reason is simple:

People empathise with other people if the situation they observe can happen to them later

     Can I get a family once? Yes! Do I think about what would it be like? Yes! Can I get into the situation of being gay once? Well, if you`re straight or searching for your true self, it can happen, but other than that, I don`t think so. That`s why!

     And that`s also why so many people say "I can tolerate" but not "I can understand". And you know what? They`re right. They can`t really understand, since they are not able to. They will never ever have the same experience, it won`t shape them. So let`s stop for a moment and think if there`s not too much pressure in spots where we really shouldn`t push so hard.

Let`s be tolerant, not understandeable

     And why do I think we`re pushing too hard? I recently noticed there are so many scenes in airing tw shows where sexual scenes between same sex people performs. Don`t get me wrong here, I looove watching those scenes :P (Yes, I do!) But, they feel like they`re pushed on us. It`s like these scenes are not so relevant to the story, or even worse taken out of the whole story context.

     So let`s think for a moment here; somebody`s watching it. Somebody who`s trying to be tolerant, but doesn`t really understand. And suddenly he feels pressurised. He feels that the scenes from his tv show are artificialy constructed only to please certain societal group. I didn`t really know Jim Parsons, Ellen Page or Neil Patrick Harris were gay. I honestly didn`t even think about it. You don`t have to say every other second you`re gay to be gay. Some people tend to forget that. I know you`re fab and want to show the world, but people in general are not interested. Those who are  feed the big reality tv machinery, since they can`t find any pleasure in their lives. So they are naturally looking for someone else`s.

People tend to be more aggressive when under the pressure of the unknown

     That`s why, even subconsciously, they start to push back, what has been pushed on them already. Anyway, at least that`s my theory here. So let me know what you think and *STAY KAWAII*

What do you think? 

Do you agree? What`s your experience?

Are you gay/straight/bi/trans/other?

*No offense, hopefully none is taken by this post

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