Friday, 16 October 2015

Do you want to know your fate? Blogtober #16

     Today`s post is dealing with a hypothetical situation of meeting my future self. What would I ask myself, given the opportunity? Well...

I wouldn`t ask my future self anything

     Simple. But I feel like I owe you an explanation. First thing that came to my mind was a debate around time paradoxes; it should be impossible to meet your future self. Even if you meet him, your future won`t be the same since he tells you what to do, so you see- it`s not that simple. But this  logic was already covered by the blogger I admire (that`s the part of reason why I do), so let`s pretend for a second that there are no paradoxes and asking your future self about your fate is not futile!

     I`m sorry to disappoint, but...

I wouldn`t ask anyway

     Because I sincerely hope that my future self won`t exist anymore. Now don`t worry, I`m not suicidal and don`t want to hurt myself. I just feel like someone else living in a skin of foreigner. This sensation of unknown voice I have to stand every day. The image in mirror that doesn`t quite fit. My mind is screaming it`s a trap since I remember. Too late I decided to do something about it. But better late than never, right?
     So I don`t want to exist in the future. Instead, I wish for me to be reborn, since new discoveries and science can perform miracles already, I will just keep my hopes high for now.

About Unknown

My name is Sidney Aldaine. And this is the start of my ultimate project, my Fantasma. My way of helping people to make them feel better. My way of contributing something of a value to the world we all live in. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my little corner of the web. Place, where I left a piece of my soul and dreams. A Fantastic place. I would love to call myself a blogger and a writer some day. And I`m not going to give up this dream, at least not until my Fantasma comes into reality.

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