Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Can you spot Waldo messy desk?

     Hey guys, this is Blogtober Challenge #21 and I`m sooo glad to be finally home! The whole evening I just had to think about not blogging. Sorry for that, my boss had a birthday party!
     Anyway, today`s post should summarise my day in 5 pictures, at least. So let`s do it, before I lose my appetite! 
     But before you move to actual pictures, let me tell you there is a bonus one. Yesterday, I promised in one of my comments in this post, I will show my real desk, which I don`t have time to clean up, since I`m aalmost always not at home. And when I am, I don`t have time for cleaning (I will do it tomorrow, don`t you worry). So enjoy finding my Waldo a.k.a. messy desk among these pictures. I will give you a clue- it`s somewhere at the end of this post :)

     I never ever ever leave appartment without looking into the mirror. That`s the first real thing I do in the morning too. Last week I went without looking one day and my whole morning commute was about thinking if I didn`t look stupid and funny. I`m just too insecure, I guess.

     On my way to work, I usually cross this park. This is one of 4 big fountains in the corner. This park is just across the street from Royal Palace in Brussels and is really badass. Because it`s big. Like reeeeaaaly big. This is how big it is:

See? :D Badass!

     You all know my office desk, so there is really no need to introduce her (yes, it`s a she). This awaits me most of the time. But if there is a meeting or a conference I have to attend, it`s a bit more interesting. Some time ago I took a photo of trainees discussion group during one of coffee breaks on such a meeting. So in case you were wondering what the hell is that networking? It looks basically like this, more or less (count in free food of course, that`s a winner):

Charlemagne building, don`t remember which room

     There are days when I don`t feel like anything. Rainy days. Cold days. Bad and even worse. On those days, I use this remedy with chocolate and peanuts. With a bit of milk, world is right back on its track to be a happy place!

     And that`s it! My day in few pictures. Let me know how your day looks like. And if you found a Waldo, leave a comment! :)

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