Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Call it a "New Style of Art"

     Task for today is to write about my hobby, this time different from the one I mentioned already in this post and this article. Before I start unveiling what I mean by the new style of art, let me tell you that besides gardening, I love to read sci-fi stories, play guitar and sing... But this one, the one I`m going to talk about is special to me. At least these last couple of days it is!

New Style of Art

       Two days ago, the last episode of Life is strange came to the light of the day. And I knew this masterpiece will not leave me hanging on expectations. I love to play indie games, or any game with a good story for that matter. It doesn`t really matter if it`s strategy, rpg or indie, as far as a good story of this game can "suck me in".
     The best thing about indie games is that you are literally the part of its story. By your decisions, game changes and you can see the imaginary world unfold in front of you. The same happened to me when I became Max Caulfield, a teenager studying photography somewhere near Seattle. Max, a perfectly ordinary stranger, suddenly gets the power to reverse and change time. And this game, ladies and gentlemen, shows us what can happen if somebody plays with time. By the end, it`s one big emotional rollercoaster and I just ended up motionless, as the game credits came on screen. My life as Max ended and I had more questions than answers.
     If you want to see what I`m talking about here, visit Pewdiepie`s gameplay video (or any other, if you want).
     The capability of these games to take you by your hearth and the visual and art possibilities are just tremendous. Each scene describes something different. Every act is setting a different mood. This is what I call the New Style of Art. You can add a perfect indie soundtrack and voilá- the art is born.

Official poster for Life is Strange by DONTNOD Entertainment
So now that you know what my other hobby is, feel free to share yours with me!

Do you think Indie games are a piece of art, or a wasted time?
Do you play videogames?
What are your criteria for a perfect videogame?

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