Friday, 2 October 2015

Blogtober Challenge, day 2: Inspirational quotes for a better day

It`s the second of october and that means only one thing; The Big and Awesome Blogtober challenge is ON!
     Have you ever read a `coup of sentences in a book or perhaps seen these noteworthy quotes somewhere else and said: "This is it! This is completely describing how I want to live my life." Famous quotes tend to assure us we live a life which is somewhat more valuable. Added value is hidden in an ability of quote to show us our lives are worthy not only in our eyes but also in eyes of society. We can say we live a full life according to merits of society and this gives us the feeling of accomplishment and power to struggle with obstacles later on.

     For me personally the feeling that my life can be embedded in just a few sentences is not as important. However, if I were to choose quotes which describes my life goals and motives best, it would be  these few:

"And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."- Paulo Coelho, Alchemist

     This quote is my personal number 1. It goes without saying that I chose it for a reason. Since I was a little kid my mum would tell me something like this: Why even bother if you know you`re going to fail. These were not only words, but also her attitude. She never supported me enough in my decisions. I wanted to study in the UK- Why would you go there? I wanted to travel a bit- Isn`t this enough for you? ...And so on. I really can`t blame her, since she grew up in a different system. Communism was good for one thing and one thing only; people had stability. They didn`t have to travel to be successful; didn`t have to achieve anything to have something. But for me, staying at one place was a nightmare. Life is a constant change, I heard all so often in my head. And I learnt one thing these past few years. Nothing is impossible if you want something very hard.
     This is why perhaps I hate  people who are giving up too easily. If you are giving up on your dreams, it`s like you`re giving up on your life. Why would you do that? So, for everybody who`s reading this, trust me when I say struggle is only temporary. YOU SHALL PREVAIL, if you believe in yourself enough. Don`t believe those who say something can`t be done or achieved. They know nothing!

"Life isn`t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."- George Bernard Shaw

     An answer for all those who are in the midst of a life crisis. Many know that feeling of losing yourself at some point in life. If you can`t find yourself, then simply don`t. Create a human which is anew. But there is another important lesson to be taken from this quote; You can`t take life reactively, but rather approach it with some action. That`s why I love this idea so much! Be creative, if you don`t like something, change it. If you like something, share it! A good life is always about creating ideas, putting them to life, not about stagnation and finding what others left for us ahead.

     Finally, I`ve decided I`m only going to share these 2 quotes. Why you might ask? Because here`s something that underlines all good inspirational speeches, quotes and pieces:

"To find inspiration, first you have to be inspirational yourself."

      I think that`s the best way to put it. I just made that up too, so If you want to use it, please acknowledge me : ) And let me know if it helped and was, indeed inspirational for your day. Stay amazing whatever you do, wherever you are!


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