Saturday, 10 October 2015

Blogtober Challenge #10: Magic hair cream

     The title of this post is inspired by Megan Goodsell`s remark on this product!
My favourite product for this day`s challenge is a "hair thermal cream". I owe this remedy so much; it stopped my hair from falling out and I don`t have to stress out about getting bald anymore.

At least for the time being.

       Apparently, it has some wine inside (perhaps that`s why it`s so healing). You can read all substances on the label. I don`t understand a single one of them, just water and oil.

     It`s actually a soft cream-like substance. It`s white and stinks like hell, since it`s rafined from some spa mud that is supposed to have healing properties.

      And the usage is quite simple; take a bit on your fingers, massage it into your scalp and let it do the magic for 20 minutes before taking a shower. Then, use what you normally use for your hair. For the best results, it`s suggested to apply a shampoo of the same branding, but I ran out of it a while ago and can`t get another one.

     With this product, your hair is softer, scalp energised and less dry. It somehow blocks the excessive hairloss too so it`s ideal for me.


  • stops excessive hairloss
  • regenerates scalp
  • hair is softer on touch
  • stinks like mud, however, odour goes away with shampoo
  • has a 20 minute application period
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