Monday, 19 October 2015

Blogtober #19 Share ease and happiness with a recipe!

     For today`s Blogtober Challenge we are given a task to share a recipe. I have to admit; I never use them. Or almost never. I always start from scratch and my cooking then sometimes looks amazing. But mostly, it`s just a pile of unmixable food :D

     That`s why I decided to share with you something special; many of you know this recipe and this drink. For me, it`s full of happy memories and stories in a family circle. It`s cocoa. Hot. With honey. From grandma. Yes, that magical drink which can make all your fears go away! You`ll need:

You will need:

  • 1 tablespoon of powder cocoa for 1 litre of milk (if you like it more bitter, add more coca)
  • Milk
  • Honey (depends on your alergies and taste, but honey is really neccessary here)
  • Bowl, whisker and pot (not that pot obviously)

     Put a tablespoon of cocoa into the bowl and pour some milk on it. Whisk it so there are no more grains left in a substance. Meanwhile, pour rest of milk to the pot and bring to boil. Once you see a rising surface of boiling milk, add prepared substance in a bowl to the pot, turn off the heating (or put away from source of heating, if surface keeps rising) and stir it like a mad person (you can add grinding sound effects if you like)! Stir it all for one more minute and when it becomes smooth and nice, it`s almost ready. Now put some honey in it. Depends who will drink it; if kids, add more (kids like sweeter) and stir again till honey melts. Now pour into cups and share your love :)

*Tip: stir even when in cups, otherwise a "skin" forms on the surface. This can be easily tossed away.

     The effect of this drink should be twofold: First of all, it will drive away all those bad flu bacils that could jump on you earlier in a bad weather. But most importantly, it brings back smiles and priceless memories!

     If you have similar kawaii recipes you think help spread love and happiness, let me know in comments!

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