Sunday, 11 October 2015

Blogtober #11; Behind the scenes of Sid`s Fantasma

     I usually write posts on my laptop, drinking some delicious tea from a mug, looking outside the window at the changing weather. I can hear music of "Low Roar" only distantly through my headphones. Thinking about all those things that could be or might be; developing my fantasma, working in my corner of the internet

     Sometimes I write even during lunch breaks at the office in my work, but that`s pretty rare. I just can`t focus there enough to make a proper blog post

     But before I try to post anything, it usually end up here; in a few notebooks I have tossed on my table. Since I`d like to make this post a little interesting, here`s a sneak-peek into what I`m planning in upcoming months. I just thought about it last week and had to put the concept down right away! I reeeaaaly hope you can read it from the picture:

*Stay Kawaii*
About Unknown

My name is Sidney Aldaine. And this is the start of my ultimate project, my Fantasma. My way of helping people to make them feel better. My way of contributing something of a value to the world we all live in. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my little corner of the web. Place, where I left a piece of my soul and dreams. A Fantastic place. I would love to call myself a blogger and a writer some day. And I`m not going to give up this dream, at least not until my Fantasma comes into reality.

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