Saturday, 17 October 2015

Best movies about contemplating life

     We all have those moments. Moments, when we want to contemplate all those things that happened in our lives, wishing somobody would come and reassure us we are still on the right track. These movies have that special power and I always feel better after watching them, no matter what the occasion. Also, all movies listed here left on me a strong emotional mark. You know you experienced the same thing, when you can`t get a movie out of your head for days. So sit back, read and get inspired!

1. Meet Joe Black

     The last scene made me cry. Especially the performance of Sir Anthony Hopkins is unforgettable. The feeling of accomplished life and a sense of letting it all go is just too much to bear. I think the movie depicts why we cry at funerals most accurately. It`s the sense of letting go that hinges in our tears.

2. Bucket List

     Morgan Freeman. Do I really have to say more? The antagonist motive of the story is just so life-like you will end up wondering why is that life so unfair?!

3. Donnie Darko

     On top of contemplating life, this one is totally psychotic, dealing with the deepest thoughts of main protagonist. I don`t want to spoil it for you (even when it`s a cult movie) so I won`t say more.

4. Nightmare Before Christmas

     Thought animated movies are second-grade? This piece will take you out of your mistake really quick. I`m also thankfull to Tim Burton for showing me the way to anime with this one. Just unique.

5. I Love You Phillip Morris

     Emotional rollercoaster. Makes you think and opens up your emotions to the world. It`s exactly that type of movie after which you will feel better and light. It`s good to know Jim Carrey can perform something fresh.

6. Any Day Now

     I always wondered if  there were no gay people in the past. It`s not that I don`t know my facts, but I wanted to give reasoning to all those arguments about why rainbow should be a bullshit. The issue with equal rights is often presented as new and unique and this movie can show you that`s not the case. And one more thing to mention: Robert Downey Jr.

7. Requiem for a Dream

     I think the main plot around drugs is overrated here. The most touchy moments are those with mama just sitting in front of the TV in her sofa. Her dreams colliding with shows she`s watching. Heart melting.

8. Garden State

     This movie can show you that reality is subjective. In the end we all decide how our day will be; how our life will be. Do soulmates exist?

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