Thursday, 29 October 2015

Being thankful is a metamorphosis (The Metamorphosis Effect)

     The title of this post is inspired by one of my fellow blogger`s article on thankfulness. So, it`s not my idea, just to be clear. I just find it very intriguing that 2 days ago I got fascinated by Butterfly Effect in this post. And then, today, My Sparkle, (C.A. Viletta, I`m going to call you like that from now on), comes with a "Phoenix Effect".
     People use to say third is the best, so let`s make a post about a "Metamorphosis Effect".

Being thankful is a start

     Being thankful is a start of real metamorphosis. How many times a day we meet a person that thanks us for a favour. And yet, to say thank you is not the same as being thankful. If you ask people what are they thankful for, they might not know the answer. They might even come up with some generic answer like morning, sunshine, every day and so on. In my opinion, that`s even worse than not knowing at all.
     For being thankful, trully thankful!!!- is a unique feeling. You can be thankful only for those things you render priceless in your life. An experience that gave you something invaluable. We are all thankful for something. And yet. Once things we deemed casual disappear from our lives, we know we have been knocking on the wrong door.
     Because being thankful, trully thankful for everything positive that happens in your day is a state of mind. You can say you are thankful for the postcards found in your mailbox. But do you really feel thankful? Do you mean it? If you do feel joy while saying those words, then you are trully thankful.

Thankfulness brings joy

     True thankfulness brings joy and happiness to our lives. If you don`t feel happy once you remember what you`re thankful for, it`s not the right thing. True thankfulness can help you see life in a whole different light. If you are thankful, cherish the moments with what you are thankful for and enjoy them.

...So change your perception of reality and cherish worthy moments with thankfulness. That`s a true metamorphosis.

     This act of a butterfly spreading its wings for the first time. Enjoying the moment, before its first flight. Beautiful.


     I was thankful for many things. But recenly I felt empty. Empty, until this Blogtober Challenge came to my life. So I`m thankful to Alexandra Mucenieks for organising it. And why I`m thankful? Because it brought those wonderful ladies into my life! My fellow blogtobrists! :D

What are you thankful for?
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