Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A blessing and a curse. The case of being sensitive

     This post should have originally been on empathy and people who can sense how others feel. We call them empathic. Some of us proclaim they`ve never seen one in their life. Some of us don`t believe these stories and think that meeting an empath is like observing Loch-ness flying over a Bermuda triangle. And then there are those few of us, who know what it`s like to belong to this group!

 Can you see it flying over that castle? Right there to the left, d`oh!

     The title says sensitive people. That`s no coincidence. I wanted to start with empathy, but then realised empathy is something each and every one of us has. It`s just that experience shaped us to be colder. That`s why I decided to change empathy to sensitivity. Almost everybody can be sensitive, more or less.
     Sensitive people don`t understand feelings of others. They feel them. Sensitive people are broken from the start. Broken, because they can make others feel better. For a price, which is sometimes too much to pay. This is a price of their own feelings. This is a source of their weakness, but a source of their strenght too, nonetheless. Once you belong to this special group, you might notice that you tend to take over other people`s feelings. So the question arises- How do you actually feel? Are these feelings yours, or are these just borrowed?
     As the saying goes: It`s a blessing and a curse. Being sensitive, you might have no problem dealing with people one on one. Problem arises when you`re stuck in a crowd for a long time. Or even worse- in a crowd of people who are too shallow to have one emotion for a longer period of time.

How to protect yourself from negative emotions?

     So the problem really is how to protect yourself from all those changing emotions out there? Sensitive people don`t usually tend to be very stable and mood shifting can change your whole day. There is this one thing I learnt in the past that might help you. When you`re home alone, imagine a place you feel safe at. Alone. Not disturbed. Unshaken by any influences. Then, when the moment comes when you feel like foreign emotions are too much for you, just imagine being in your happy place. This way, you should be able to cut off the emotional line between any person and focus only on your own mood. However, this only works temporarily. The permanent solution would be to leave a presence of person that brings you headaches.

Mind of a sensitive person is like dandelion

     And trust me, I`ve met people who made my head ache just because I was around them. They weren`t annoying as such. They were not smelly. They were just negative to the point I started to get irritated and my thoughts patterns changed. Don`t let such people influence your day!

     Leave a comment if you`ve met a sensitive person or think you are sensitive yourself and share your experience!
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