Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Today`s event: Researcher`s Night in Brussels

     Hey Guys!! I hope you`ve been enjoying yourself as I have and had a briliant time, whatever you`ve been doing lately :) So for today`s post I chose to write something about event I`d been to. It`s called Researcher`s Night. Sounds lame? Just wait and see...

     Researcher`s Night is actually a series of events that take place across the Europe with the aim to promote science and research, especially with youngsters and wide public too. Besides this series, there is one annual gather-up event situated in Brussels, where researchers from across the Europe present their research and show how cool science can be. So without further adue, here are some pictures with description of interesting things from the event:

Parc du Cinquantenaire

     Autoworld museum, where the event took place is actually in the middle of one big park. And when I say big, I mean BIG. Well, maybe not that big, but big enough :) And since I have a natural weakness (Yes, natural weakness, don`t laugh about it!!) for everything green, parks and especially for trees, I had to take a picture, although a crappy one. But hey, another wonderful part of Brussels, right?

Autoworld Museum 
(fenceless picture impossible)

     There is like trilion vintage and beyond vintage cars there displayed. If you don`t want to spend 10 Euros on an entry fee, you can exploit events like Researcher`s Night to get there for free. If you are too lazy to go to Brussels like most of the people, than I`d recommend to play Mafia, where the majority of these cars can be found. Seriously, I think 10 Euros is a bit too much for a museum entry when some other countries have many museum visits off charge. But again, that`s just me me me.

     And finally, here are some more interesting displays from the event. You can guess what they represent (or take a look at the bottom of the picture, that`s easier):

With UV light and without it

Advancements in diabetes treatment

 I honestly forgot, but it was interesting, I swear!!

     Of course, there were many more, but one was of genuine interest to me. This one is about plugging actual subwoofer to microscopically observed organisms. With each movement, there is a change of bass frequency. There is a water on the subwoofer, that`s why you can see how`s changing. So in the end you are listening to a freaking movement of microorganisms in their environment. The guy in red shirt told us all about his projects and this was only a humble presentation compared to that. ASTONISHING!!!


     I can only hope this caught your attention as it caught main and I didn`t bore you too much. The next post should be about my first internship experience and some advice should be given in this regard too. So stay tuned, folks!!!
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